DEBORAH MARTIN: Notes From the Studio

23 Jul


This NOTES FROM THE STUDIO column features CP Core Artist Deborah Martin,  a contemporary realist painter, fine art photographer and curator. Visit her work online here.

Deborah Martin Pillows, 2011 Oil on Canvas 36 x 36″

I am still deeply immersed in the final stages of producing  NARROW LANDS a collaborative project with CP Core Artist Quintan Ana Wikswo. The exhibit opens at the Patty DeLuca Gallery August 5, – 23rd, 2011 in Provincetown, MA. Reception August 5- [6-10pm.]  I will be present for the opening. If you are in town, I hope you will get a chance to see this exhibit.

The Narrow Lands exhibition will move onto The School House Gallery opening Labor Day weekend September 2-21st. This Exhibit will feature additional new paintings including the Fine Art Book- NARROW LANDS  Deborah Martin [Paintings]  Quintan Ana Wikswo [Prose Poems] which will be avialable in both soft and hard cover.

If all goes well, Quintan will be arriving from NYC and I will be arriving from LA to attend the opening, and perhaps we will be holding a reading , book signing and Q & A at The School House Gallery over Labor Day weekend….more on this TBA.

Lately I have had to abandon Polaroid. My last batch of film was dreadfully pink-which started to translate into my paintings. Regardless of what I tell myself… my eye picks up exactly what I see. Pink is not the tone I am looking to recreate. Never mind the expired film  [which is a total crap shoot] the price for it is beyond ridiculous.

If you are a Polaroid  fanatic like myself and have not been following The Impossible Project check them out. They are coming out with all kinds of alternative film…in the mean time I am reduced to my iphone hipstomatic app and whatever color correction I attempt to make to steer away from the dreaded red tones. Until I have time to experiment with The Impossible Projects new film options….gone are the days of wandering around the United States with my cheap plastic Polaroid 600. For now…let it RIP I am moving on.

Deborah Martin, Study for Two Chairs

As I run up against the deadline to ship out Narrow Lands…my mind is slowly turning to the next series WONDER VALLEY which opens October 8th, 2011 at the Red Arrow Gallery in Joshua Tree. For this exhibit I am pleased to announce that I will be teaming up again with CP Core Artist Quintan Ana Wikswo who will be creating a unique installation of prose poems inspired by this new series of paintings based on Wonder Valley.

Below is a preview of the review:

Poised in an arid netherworld between strip malls and car lots, WONDER VALLEY lies just beyond the vacant, shuttered stare of the American Dream. Commercialism gnaws at the edges of this desert mountain wilderness – its embattled landscape of ragged palms, mountains, and eroding homestead cabins provides austere refuge to semi-nomadic enclaves of fringe-toed lizards, kangaroo rats, idiosyncratic visionaries and anachronistic loners.

In WONDER VALLEY, Martin immortalizes a 21st century desert struggle against destruction, and her lamentation for the disappearing landscape is also a praise song to the improbable power of endurance, tenacity, and longing.

Painter Deborah Martin has established a compelling dominion as portraitist of an archaic America – ravaged sites and forgotten wastelands that nonetheless resist destruction. Her luminous paintings and photographs reveal the beauty in the bleak, and speak to the tenuous balance between home, depravation, isolation, community and hope.

–Quintan Ana Wikswo


If you plan to be in Joshua Tree the exhibit opens October 8th and runs through November 6th. The exhibit coincides with the HWY 62 Art Tours which are the last two weekends in October. More on the tours in an upcoming  Blog Post…


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