CATALYSIS PROJECTS is an artist-led organization with a cadre of Core Artists, and an annual class of Resident Artists. The Core and Resident Artists often engage with guest artists on particular projects. In Los Angeles alone, our projects involve about fifty artists each year.

Catalysis Projects accepts applications from mid-career and emerging artists whose work reflects a lasting commitment to cross-disciplinary, collaborative undertakings. Please See the “Participate” section on how to get involved, and contact us at Twice yearly, CP reviews portfolios of those interested in becoming Core Artists.


VERONIKA KRAUSAS:  The works of composer Veronika Krausas are performed throughout Europe, Asia and North America, where she is recognized for her innovative use of dance, acrobatics and video. More information about Veronika Krausas can be found at

QUINTAN ANA WIKSWO: Quintan Ana Wikswo is an interdisciplinary artist whose projects integrate a constellation of works in photography, original text, video and installation as well as performance collaborations with composers and choreographers. Her works appear in museums, galleries, publications and performance venues throughout North America, Europe and Asia. More information about Quintan Ana Wikswo can be found at

ISAAC SCHANKLER: Isaac Schankler is a composer, pianist, accordionist and electronic musician living in Los Angeles. His music is inspired by improvisatory practices, indeterminate processes, spoken language, narrative, entropy and puzzles. More information about Isaac can be found at

ARON KALLAY: Aron Kallay is an award-winning solo and chamber musician and composer who has performed throughout the United States and Europe. Aron is a champion of contemporary composers, microtonal music, and music that combines interdisciplinary creative elements. More information about Aron Kallay can be found at


ALEXANDRA SHILLING (choreographer)
BIANCA SAPETTO (choreographer)




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