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Rockin’ Out with DOUBLE BASS and MANDOLIN

10 Mar

I just heard an amazing piece of music!  Edgar Meyer (double bass extraordinaire) and Chris Thile (MANDOLIN!)  It’s called Fence Post in the Front Yard.  Such virtuosos, and it’s a wonderful instrumental combination. They’re both such beautiful instruments – the bass is majestic and Thile’s mandolin, one I always associate with Greek music (and then there’s the bouzouki – a similar instruments), has a very elegant curly-cue!  Pretty styling!

Here’s a YouTube video of this piece:


I loved this piece so much I went to iTunes and downloaded the album.  Great song titles too:  Ham and Cheese, This is Not the Pig, This is the Pig etc.  Chris Thile is born in California and started playing the mandolin as a kid and never stopped.  Edgar Meyer is a superb classically trained bass player who plays EVERYTHING.  These guys are inspiring and make you want to write music.