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Recommended: FREE COFFEE & DOUGHNUTS: Music from The Great Depression(s)

10 Dec

Free Coffee and Doughnuts:

Music From The Great Depression(s)

December 13 and 14 at 8pm

Neighborhood Unitarian Church, Pasadena

WHAT’S NEXT? ENSEMBLE is teaming up with LA Sonic Odyssey and grammy award winning entertainer Ian Whitcomb to present two evenings of music inspired by the recent financial meltdown and the great depression of 1929. New works from LA area composers, electronic musicians, and improvisors as well as arrangements of depression era songs for voice and ensemble by Patricio da Silva. Additional performances by Bryan Pezzone, Jennifer Logan, Yevgeniy Milyavskiy, and  the Imaginary Folk-Duo. Check out whatsnextensemble.com for more information. Discounted and student tickets are available, just click the link below and type in “conductor” or “conductorstudent” as the discount code when purchasing.

$35/27 General Admission
$15 Students


KRAUSAS: What’s Next? Concert & Thoughts about GREEN

11 Apr

WHAT’S NEXT? ENSEMBLE                     reviewed by Veronika Krausas

On Friday April 2nd I went to the FAKE GALLERY – a super cute little gallery in an area I’ve never been – Melrose & the 101, by the Los Angeles City College.  The ensemble WHAT’S NEXT? was performing.  They’re a relatively new NEW music ensemble in LA started by several fantastic musicians from USC’s Thornton School of Music, violist John Stulz and percussionist and conductor, Vimbayi Kaziboni.

john stulz performing work by aj mccaffrey

what's next? at the FAKE GALLERY

At the concert they performed a minimalist guitar work by Rhys Chathem, a viola solo with an electronic track by AJ McCaffery, 2 movements of a fantastic work by Osvaldo Golijov for string quartet and clarinet with the fascinating title The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind, Andriessen’s Workers’ Union and then some short snare drum works by yours truly (5 intermezzi for snare drum) that Nick Terry performed with spoken text.

nick terry @ the FAKE GALLERY

They’re a young group of extraordinary musicians who are really exploring all the new music in Southern California and combining that with, now established, 20th and 21st century standards.  I highly recommend checking out their 2nd annual new music festival May 26-28, 2010 at USC in the Newman Concert Hall.  Here’s their website for more details:


PS:  My favorite non-musical thing of the evening happened during the last piece.  While I was listening to Andriessen’s Worker’s Union I started to glance at the art on the walls.  There were a series of large color strips, the kind you get at the paint store when you’re trying to find paint colors.   The brilliant thing about it was that each different hue had a different name …  some quite conservative and others hysterically funny.  For the green panel, starting with Modern Green at the top, descending through Electric lime and then the last one was HORK.   My sick sense of humor found this brilliant!  It brought back memories of being at another new music concert in Montreal many years ago and there was some dreadful music being performed but they were trying to be  … well … I’m not sure what they were trying to do, but they were projecting abstract smears of color behind the musicians.  I remember my friend and I started to invent titles for the different projected ‘smears’.   There was an ugly greenish thing that we titled “Green Pond Slime.”    Ahhhh the images that green can evoke!

color strips @ THE FAKE GALLERY in Los Angeles

Here’s my very bad attempt to take a picture of the green color strip and magically the percussionist Vimbayi Kaziboni walked by and made it a very interesting shot .  But that almost makes it enticement to go to the gallery and see the paintings yourselves.  I’m very embarrassed to say I didn’t have a chance to see the name of the marvelous artist who did this.  I’ll include myself in that group who has to go back to the gallery and check it out again.